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Taylor Leasing and Rental (TLR) is family owned and operated with over 20 years of experience in the Leasing and Fleet Management industry. We have 100% control over our funding, and our company’s direction. Our owners are directly involved in the business, which means you’ll get fast answers, unparalleled service, and the financial stability of a 90+ year old third generation private company that answers solely to our most important stakeholders: OUR CUSTOMERS

We provides competitive finance and lease solutions for your Taylor® equipment material handling needs. Our mission is to be the preeminent financial service provider to our global customer base, delivering the highest quality products and services. Taylor Leasing can provide incentives and opportunities beyond the reach of third party finance companies.



In choosing Taylor Leasing and Rental, you’ll work with experienced professionals who understand all aspects of Industrial Fleet Management and can build the optimal fleet leasing solution for you. Not everyone can provide this level of knowledgeable service. Our goal is to build solutions that create lasting partnerships with our clients.


As one of the nation’s leading Industrial Fleet Management Companies, we’ve learned through experience that every business has unique needs. Whether you are a major corporation with nationwide locations and hundreds of vehicles, or a local company with a small fleet, our experienced team members work closely with you to identify your specific needs and develop a fleet solution based on your operation.


Taylor Leasing and Rental knows that you specifically need fleet vehicles that offer the correct lifting capacities, may be limited to a certain wheelbase or height, or need special attachments or features. Our sister company, Taylor Machine Works, offers 85 unique models of Lift Trucks that range in capacity from 16,000-lbs to 125,000-lbs. These trucks are offered in pneumatic and cushion tire configurations, multitudes of lift heights, and come in a range of wheelbases that can get you in and out of confined locations. Taylor also has a dedicated Special Engineering Department that can bring solutions to any special need that arises.


Our leasing experts and fleet management services are available to you nationwide. Whether you need local, regional or nationwide coverage, TLR can accommodate your needs. We offer an unparalleled network of Parts Distribution and Certified Service Technicians. At Taylor Leasing and Rentals, we will work with you to determine your unique needs and find the right leasing program and Industrial Fleet Management services to fit your situation. We are a trusted Fleet Management Partner and Industrial Vehicle Leasing and Rental Company.

Taylor Leasing and Rental works hard to structure a plan with exactly the right options and services, that make the most sense, for your organization.